Halloween 2012: magic Gardaland

Halloween is celebrated on the night of 31st October. The Halloween day is a famous event really well-known all over the world,Halloween 2012: magic Gardaland Articles it is the night of witches and ghosts, where young and adults wear horrible and terrifying clothes.

Worldwide, monsters, vampires, witches, zombies, mummies, bats, devils, demons and werewolves celebrate Halloween day. In Italy and throughout Europe in general, Halloween is an event that has been recently imported from the USA: it has been here, since 2000; even if this event dates back to the Middle Ages, a period of great and deeply religious superstitious.

The original tradition envisages that children have to go during the night on the streets, by ringing every house bells to ask people: ’trick or treat’ and if the house master has no candy or sweets, the children will have to dirty the house with eggs, flour, toilet paper and so on.

The symbol that represents Halloween event is a carved pumpkin with eyes, nose and mouth and with a candle inside; it is called Jack o’ Lantern. Black and orange are the typical colours of Halloween, as well as horror stories about death and monsters.

People usually take part in parades by wandering in the city, from one house to another. In addition, many parties are organized in discos, clubs bar halloween ideas or locals where the rooms are decorated with spider webs, pumpkins, skeletons and hats. For example, here in Italy, the amusement park Gardaland has already begun to adorn the place with awful and scaring ornaments or trimmings in order to scare all the visitors. Furthermore, on 6th October 2012 Gardaland is going to organize a flash mob, everybody must be gathered at the same time and in the same place for a dance group choreography. It is really easy to take part in this event: you just have to surf the net, on Gardaland website, watch the video of the flash mob, learn the steps and go to the appointment scheduled on Saturday 06th October 2012 at 11.30 am, in front of Mago Merlino Castle. Moreover, on 06th October if you go to Gardaland wearing a zombie, witch, werewolf, mummy or monsters clothes, you will pay just 10€ for the entry ticket. If you want there is also the possibility to stay in Gardaland hotels near the park during the Halloween period.

Halloween is a global lifestyle event and therefore the scary atmosphere permeates everywhere. As it happens on Christmas time, everybody decorates the house with lights, garlands and presents, on Halloween time the decorations includes spider webs, spiders, ghosts, brooms and pumpkins.

From the beginning of October even the shops and stores start to get into the mood of Halloween, decorating the shop windows with spiders, pumpkins, fancy dresses, witch hats, ghosts and wigs.


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